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Jackob Steel Cutlery Set

Item # MY100517
Participate in a celebratory feast within the walls of a castle, or enjoy a nice repast next to a warm, crackling campfire. The Jackob Steel Cutlery Set includes the basic eating utensils necessary for dining in a historical setting.

Jackob Steel Eating Awl

Item # MY100519
In the Early Middle Ages, most people dined without the assistance of cutlery. Utensils like the Jackob Steel Eating Awl were reserved for those with wealth and status. Take on the role of noble or cleric at the next historical feast.

Jackob Steel Serving Fork

Item # MY100518
The Jackob Steel Serving Fork is perfect for offering slices of meat and cheese to fellow roleplayers at a medieval feast. This two-prong fork serves you well when dining at the castle or enjoying a nice repast besides a campfire.

Limm Wrought Iron Knife

Item # MY100525
When enjoying the great outdoors and the warmth of a campfire in a historical setting, the Limm Wrought Iron Knife is the perfect utensil for feasting. Its pointed tip is suited for stabbing food and its broad blade for clean cuts.

Ram Feasting Knife

Item # MY100544
When dining within the confines of a historical setting, the Ram Feasting Knife contributes to the authentic atmosphere. Its curved blade serves a utilitarian purpose, while the ram head at the end of the handle adds a decorative touch.

Reinhard Feastware Set

Item # MY100545
Partake in a nice repast next to a crackling campfire, or enjoy a celebratory feast within castle walls. No matter where your roleplay adventure leads, the Reinhard Feastware Set includes all you need for an authentic experience.

Serena Wrought Iron Feasting Knife

Item # MY100547
Whether the great outdoors or a grand castle serves as the historical setting to a medieval banquet, the Serena Wrought Iron Feasting Knife adds authenticity to the experience. It is perfectly suited for stabbing and picking up food.