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Anselm Chef Knife

Item # MY100918
A good chef makes sure they have the right tools to prepare their meals. Whether in a castle or camp, a chef can always use the Anselm Chef Knife. This culinary utensil is ideal for Renaissance faires and historical reenactments.

Anselm Cooking Knife

Item # MY100919
A cooking knife is essential for creating a great medieval or modern feast. A good chef needs many knives of different shapes and sizes. This Anselm Cooking Knife can be a wonderful addition to many historical kitchen knife sets.

Anselm Herbs Knife

Item # MY100920
In the medieval world, people used herbs for both food and medicine. The Anselm Herbs Knife would look right at home in a medieval castle or a modern kitchen. Cut rosemary, sage, or other fresh herbs with this unusually shaped knife.

Anselm Large Fork

Item # MY100921
A great feast in a medieval castle requires a vast array of roast meats. Use the Anselm Large Fork in any historical or modern food display. Show off your carving abilities with this barbeque or serving fork at any culinary event.

Anselm Small Fork

Item # MY100922
The medieval banquet is not complete without the proper utensils. The Anselm Small Fork will look great at any feast whether modern or historical. Use the two-pronged fork to eat or serve with at a faire or any other fantastic event.

Bennet Steel Cutlery Set

Item # MY100926
Any camp, modern kitchen, or medieval table requires a set of utensils for feasting. This simply beautiful Bennet Steel Cutlery Set adds a rustic look to any culinary activity, whether at a Renaissance faire or modern-day cookout.

Brig Steel Cutlery Set

Item # MY100930
Eat a medieval meal with the best cutlery. The Brig Steel Cutlery Set is ideal for eating any tasty food. Hang this stainless steel set with its looped design for a great functional display at LARP events or historical reenactments.

Chopping and Mincing Knife

Item # MY100932
Sometimes you need a multiuse knife at camp. Do not carry so many knives with the Chopping and Mincing Knife. Use it as a chef and chopping knife to cut vegetables or meat. It is ideal for any medieval or modern kitchen or camp.

Hand Forged Medieval Cutlery

Item # HW-700838
Take a bite out of history when you enjoy your next feast using Hand Forged Medieval Cutlery. This feastware set includes a spoon, a two-pronged fork, and a knife, all handcrafted from carbon steel for a rugged, historical look.

Jackob Steel Cutlery Set

Item # MY100517
Participate in a celebratory feast within the walls of a castle, or enjoy a nice repast next to a warm, crackling campfire. The Jackob Steel Cutlery Set includes the basic eating utensils necessary for dining in a historical setting.

Jackob Steel Eating Awl

Item # MY100519
In the Early Middle Ages, most people dined without the assistance of cutlery. Utensils like the Jackob Steel Eating Awl were reserved for those with wealth and status. Take on the role of noble or cleric at the next historical feast.

Jackob Steel Serving Fork

Item # MY100518
The Jackob Steel Serving Fork is perfect for offering slices of meat and cheese to fellow roleplayers at a medieval feast. This two-prong fork serves you well when dining at the castle or enjoying a nice repast besides a campfire.