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Cloaks and Capes

Any LARP ensemble is not complete without the perfect piece of wholesale LARP outerwear, such as these cloaks, capes, and medieval robes. LARP Distribution carries these items in various styles, colors, and materials, so they can easily suit our wholesale medieval clothing and wholesale fantasy apparel. Many pieces feature excellent details such as hoods, embroidery, leather accents, and various clasps and ties. These wholesale LARP capes, robes, and cloaks can be worn by men or women.
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Aramis Cape

Item # MCI-3269
Become the legendary captain to the Musketeer of the Guard or lead the Brethren of the Coast in a grand battle against the navy. Whether for LARP or historical event, exude a dauntless, debonair air while wearing the Aramis Cape.

Edrahil Cape

Item # MCI-3432
Ideal for both nobility and the common folk, the Edrahil Cape is a comfortable cotton cloak for all activities! Wear it while pillaging, plundering, traveling, shopping, or whatever other task catches your medieval fancy!

Elven Hooded Cloak

Item # MCI-2306
Do not let the frigid air of the changing seasons keep you from patrolling the borders of the woodland. No mortal shall set foot upon this sacred realm. While wearing the Elven Hooded Cloak you will make sure this oath holds true.

Godfrey Twill Cape

Item # MCI-3178
Standing just inside the clearing, you are nearly invisible in your Godfrey Twill Cape. You smile as you listen to your comrades sharing tales and songs around the camp fire, then slip away unnoticed to reflect on the battle to come.

Medieval Hooded Cape

Item # MCI-2307
This simple cape will go with any period outfit. It can be worn by men or women. The cape features a full hood and ties at the neck. It is made of cotton and is unlined. This cape is only available in black.

Ready For Battle Cape

Item # MCI-2309-1
There are so many uses for a cloak or a cape that it is staggering. This Ready for Battle Cape fills them all quite nicely, ensuring that you not only get a comfortable garment, but also a stylish one that has more than a few uses.

Regulus Cape

Item # MCI-3289
Sort yourself from those with more common style when you wear the Regulus Cape. This unique wardrobe staple has dramatically long sides and a shorter back. Intricate pleats at the collar create the elegant folds of this fantasy cape.

RFB Arthur Cape

Item # MCI-3180
On the run from bandits who hoped to ransom you to the king, you avoid the villages and roads, entering the woods instead. Your RFB Arthur Cape works well as camouflage in the overgrown forest, so long as you avoid any wild beasts.

Wool Cape

Item # MCI-2334
The Wool Cape is a must for any serious Ren Fair goer, LARPer, or SCA reenactor, especially in cold weather. This cape is made from quality wool and will keep you warm and dry in cold and wet weather. The cape ties at the neck.

Wool Cloak with Mantle

Item # MCI-2355
Cold weather should not ever put a damper on your medieval experience, especially not when this Wool Cloak with Mantle is available. It is made from wool and features a typical design paired with a cowl that goes over the shoulders.

Wool Godfrey Cape

Item # MCI-3305
Cloaks are an excellent way to keep your identity hidden! Their deep hoods provide shadows that cover your face, making them a favored item for rogues. The Wool Godfrey Cape will keep your face hidden, so that none may catch you.