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Angus Penannular Cloak Pin

Item # MY100491
The Angus Penannular Cloak Pin follows an open ring design seen in historical clothing fasteners for centuries. As far back as 600 AD, the brooch became widely used by the Celtic world with continued popularity into the Viking Age.

Angus Penannular Small Cloak Pin

Item # MY100492
From approximately 600 AD and into the Viking Age, open ring brooches such as the Angus Penannular Small Cloak Pin were the chosen clothing fasteners of both Celtic men and women. Style and material even denoted ones social status.

Bernhard Penannular Cloak Pin

Item # MY100494
Whether you are a Celt or a Norse Viking, add authenticity to your live action portrayal with the Bernhard Penannular Cloak Pin. This historical clothing fastener follows the open ring brooch design worn from 600 AD and beyond.

Bernhard Penannular Small Cloak Pin

Item # MY100495
With its traditional design, the Bernhard Penannular Small Cloak Pin is a great accessory to a wide range of historical personas. From as far back as 600 AD, the open ring brooch was the clothing fastener of choice in the Celtic world.

Flattened Penannular Cloak Pin

Item # MY100502
With its simple design, the Flattened Penannular Cloak Pin is a great accessory for both LARP and historical costumes. The open ring brooch served as the go-to fastener throughout the Middle Ages, perfect for a wide variety of roles.

Hilde Penannular Brooch

Item # MY100750
In the cold of winter, you are going to want to stay bundled up, and you cannot afford for your cloak to blow away in those powerful blizzard winds. You need a cloak pin you can trust, one like the Hilde Penannular Brooch.

Historic Penannular Brooch

Item # HW-700483
Accent your cloak, cape, shawl, or even a tunic with the Historic Penannular Brooch. This open ring cloak pin is handcrafted from wrought iron and has a twisted texture interspersed through its round frame and moveable, tapered pin.

Large Twisted Penannular Brooch

Item # HW-700835
Secure your cloak, tunic, or other medieval and fantasy clothes with the Large Twisted Penannular Brooch. This historical brooch is an open ring of wrought iron accented with twists. Its long, captive pin tapers to a point.

Large Viking Penannular Brooch

Item # HW-700834
The Large Viking Penannular Brooch adds function, interest, and authenticity to your reenactment, Ren faire, or LARP look. This historical open ring pin is handcrafted from wrought iron and is ideal for fastening a cloak in place.

Lyra Penannular Cloak Pin

Item # MY100534
Use the Lyra Penannular Cloak Pin to fasten a great kilt and complete your highland dress, or secure a cloak befitting a high fantasy realm. This fastener takes inspiration from the open ring brooches worn throughout the Middle Ages.

Lyra Penannular Small Cloak Pin

Item # MY100535
With a design that goes at least as far back as 600 AD, the Lyra Penannular Small Cloak Pin is just as suitable for a medieval cloak as it is for a modern shawl. This brooch is a vital piece to a unique, yet authentic period costume.

Manus Penannular Cloak Pin

Item # MY100536
Regardless of the role you choose at a historical reenactment or LARP, the Manus Penannular Cloak Pin adds a touch of authenticity to your character. The open ring brooch was the preferred fastener before the appearance of buttons.