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Anite Buckle

Item # MY100708
A warrior is only as good as their best defense, and their best defense is only as good as the buckles that hold it all together. Make sure your armour stays on your body in the thick of the fight when you use the trusty Anite Buckle.

Civil War Confederate Enlisted Belt Buckle

Item # HW-700311
For historical reenactment, theatrical costumes, and more, the Civil War Confederate Enlisted Belt Buckle is essential. Create the look of a Confederate soldier from the American Civil War with this handcrafted brass belt buckle.

Civil War Union Enlisted Belt Buckle

Item # HW-700310
Add extra authenticity and detail to your American Civil War reenactment look with the Civil War Union Enlisted Belt Buckle. This oval-shaped belt buckle is handcrafted out of brass and has the large letters US on the front.

Fleur Brass Belt Buckle

Item # HW-700724
For centuries, the fleur-de-lis has represented nobility. It is for this reason that the Fleur Brass Belt Buckle draws inspiration from this symbol. Look both stunning and refined when you add this medieval belt buckle to your outfit.

Hand-Forged Black Round Buckle

Item # HW-700288
Whether you are charging into battle in full knightly regalia or simply walking down to the market in your medieval attire, you do not want your outfit falling apart! Luckily, the Hand-Forged Black Round Buckle is here to help.

Hand-Forged Black Square Buckle

Item # HW-700290
If you are hoping to put together a truly authentic medieval outfit, then every detail needs to be perfect, from the buttons on your shirt to the buckles on your pants. For a genuine look, you need the Hand-Forged Black Square Buckle.

Lisig Viking Buckle

Item # MY100762
A Viking is a lot less fearsome if their pants keep falling down on the battlefield. You laugh now, but it could happen to you. Safeguard against embarrassing mishaps like this by equipping your Norse wardrobe with the Lisig Viking Buckle.

Nemean Lion Brass Accent

Item # HW-700795
The Nemean lion was known for its impenetrable golden fur that no mortal weapon could pierce. Remember the legend and power of this Greek mythology monster when you affix the Nemean Lion Brass Accent to your historical Greek outfit.

Ornate Brass Belt Buckle

Item # HW-700723
A belt buckle should do more than just keep your belt from coming undone and falling away. It should also make a fashion statement. The Ornate Brass Belt Buckle will do both of these and more, serving as an accessory fit for a noble!

Renaissance Brass Belt Buckle

Item # HW-700726
Whether you are a noble or a peasant, you will likely need a buckle to keep your belt on, your doublet closed, or your armoured ensemble together. For an all-purpose medieval fastener, look no further than the Renaissance Brass Belt Buckle.

Round Brass Belt Buckle - 2 Inch

Item # HW-700314
On an adventure, danger can strike at any moment. Whether you choose to fight or flee, the last thing you need is to trip over your pants. That is why you need a sturdy, dependable buckle, such as the 2 Inch Round Brass Belt Buckle.

Round Brass Belt Buckle - 3 Inch

Item # HW-700313
The medieval world can be a frightening place with dragons, treacherous knights, and pillaging Vikings at every turn! The last thing you need to worry about is losing your pants. Luckily, the 3 Inch Round Brass Belt Buckle can help.