Perfect for medieval knights and other historical warriors, our wholesale steel plate armour at LARP Distribution includes excellent pieces made from 18 gauge steel. We carry several designs of wholesale steel breastplates in multiple sizes that can be worn on their own or connected to one of our matching wholesale steel backplates for increased protection. Several of our medieval breastplates display darkened finishes while others gleam with a polished appearance, ensuring that LARPers can choose the look that works best for their characters.
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Breastplate Dark Drake - Epic Dark - Size Large

Whether you choose to roleplay as an evil battlemage, or a cold-hearted dark knight, the Breastplate Dark Drake - Epic Dark - Size Large is a great addition to your LARPing gear. Trust this chestplate to defend your front torso.

Breastplate Dark Drake - Epic Dark - Size Medium

For the ruthless knight who sees no value in performing noble deeds, we present the Breastplate Dark Drake - Epic Dark - Size Medium. This chestplate will protect the cold heart that beats within your chest during LARP combat.

Breastplate Dark Warrior - Epic Dark - Size Large

War has overtaken the land. It matters not where loyalties lie, you are bound to follow the merest whim of an evil liege. Armor yourself with the Breastplate Dark Warrior- Epic Dark - Size Large as you join your kinsmen in battle.

Breastplate Dark Warrior - Epic Dark - Size Medium

Rage into battle in full style with the Breastplate Dark Warrior- Epic Dark - Size Medium. Whichever LARP role you choose, be it an orc warrior from barren lands, or a knight from a distant realm, gird yourself with a strong defense.

Breastplate King - Size Large

The dictator of the neighboring kingdom invades the western border. Lead your loyal legion of knights in earning a grand victory for your realm. Put on your best vestments and gird your chest with the Breastplate King â€' Size Large.
$193.00 $139.00

Breastplate King - Size Medium

Prepare for a successful endeavor on behalf of your kingdom by wearing armour suitable for a warrior of your royal status. The Breastplate King â€' Size Medium will safeguard your chest as you lead your knights toward a grand victory.
$168.00 $121.00

Breastplate Warrior - Size Large

Respond quickly to the urgent summons of our noble ruler. Gather your arms and gird yourself in sturdy armour such as the Breastplate Warrior â€' Size Large. Join your fellow knights in defending the LARP kingdom from a new threat.

Breastplate Warrior - Size Medium

Enjoy your roleplay more fully with the Breastplate Warrior â€' Size Medium guarding your chest and abdomen. Avoid needless bumps and bruises, so you can concentrate solely on honing your masterful skill in the next live action event.

Breastplate Warrior - Size Small

The nobles of the court will admire the shine of your armour when you appear in the Breastplate Warrior â€' Size Small. This functional cuirass not only defends your torso against an attack, but also adds prestige to your character.

Breastplate Warrior - Size X-Large

Your noble action on behalf of the kingdom has earned you the position of right hand to the king. Appear before all in attire worthy of your status, while fortifying yourself for battle with the Breastplate Warrior â€' Size X-Large.

Churburg Breastplate

Every noble knight needs some shining armour. The Churburg Breastplate, made of 19 gauge mild steel, is a fantastic option for getting a great armoured look for your next medieval live action roleplay or historic reenactment event.

Darkened Churburg Breastplate

Handmade and welded for maximum durability, the Darkened Churburg Breastplate will serve you well in the tumultuous battles to come. Oxidation resistant coating gives this 19 gauge mild steel armour piece its unique darkened look.