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Elina Ladies Belt

Item # MY100271
With classic elegance, the Elina Ladies Belt is made of high-quality leather and decorated with beautiful brass flowers. Well suited for adorning dresses and skirts, this wide belt is intended to sit at the natural waist.

Evandra Leather Belt

Item # MY100121
Transform yourself into a lady warrior with the help of leather accessories like this womens cincher! The Evandra Leather Belt fits snugly around the waist in a wide belt design that widens even further in the front.

Fighters Leather Ring Belt - Green

Item # HW-700853
When you cinch the waist of your outfit and carry your gear with the Fighters Leather Ring Belt in green, you also add a unique pop of color to your look. This green ring belt works great for both medieval and fantasy outfits.

Fighters Leather Ring Belt - Red

Item # HW-700852
Ring belts are versatile additions to the outfits of warriors, adventurers, and nobles alike. The Fighters Leather Ring Belt in red is an essential and easy to wear accessory that gives historical or fantasy looks a pop of color.

Godfrey Leather Belt

Item # MCI-3334
A simple, unobtrusive belt can often tie together an outfit with perfect balance. The Godfrey Leather Belt possesses that crucial quality that allows it to bring together an outfit or cosplay without drawing unwanted attention!

Havall Belt

Item # MY100157
Perfect for wearing with LARP or other re-enactment gear, the Havall Belt features an eye-catching buckle that matches the detailed tip of the strap. The ornate leather belt is sturdy enough to hold up weapon sheaths or frogs.

Jolly Roger Buckle Belt

Item # MY100198
Avast, me matey! Pay no heed to those glaring land-lovers. Your soul belongs to the sea and your fellow buccaneers. Let all see that you are a pirate through and through. The Jolly Roger Buckle Belt serves as a token of loyalty.

Knights Simple Medieval Leather Belt - Black

Item # HW-701174BK
Sometimes you want a belt that works for every day and as a part of a costume. The Knights Simple Medieval Leather Belt in black works for both needs. This unpunched belt looks great with a cosplay ensemble or for a Renaissance faire.

Knights Simple Medieval Leather Belt - Brown

Item # HW-701174BR
Belts should be as adaptable as the characters and people wearing them. The Knights Simple Medieval Leather Belt in brown is a versatile accessory. You can add this medieval belt to a LARP or cosplay costume and wear it to a faire.

Laced Leather LARP Sword Belt

Item # MCI-3336
If you wish to enhance the aesthetics of your medieval or fantasy LARP outfit, a distinctive stitched pattern on your leather sword belt will do the job. The Laced Leather LARP Sword Belt is the perfect accessory to add such a flair!

Laced Leather Ring Belt - Black with Red

Item # HW-700760
You cannot beat the versatility of a black leather ring belt, and the Laced Leather Ring Belt in Black with Red brings an extra touch of style to the form. This black leather belt has red leather in an X pattern along its length.

Laced Leather Ring Belt - Brown with Black

Item # HW-700758
Some medieval outfits go well with a black belt, while others benefit from a brown one. The choice can be a difficult one, but luckily, with the Laced Leather Ring Belt in Brown with Black, you can wear both colors at once.