Aprons can add to the authenticity of many character looks. LARP Distribution carries a range of wholesale medieval aprons for live action roleplay and costume use. These medieval aprons are made in historical styles and out of high quality materials. We carry apron dresses, apron skirts, and craftsman aprons that will embellish any look. These LARP clothing accessories are great accents to a variety of historical and live action roleplay outfits, adding authenticity to different roles like craftsmen, servants, maids, blacksmiths, and many other character types. Shop here for all our medieval and Renaissance aprons.
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Childrens Medieval Apron

Item # MCI-3433
When your child continues to stain her dress with dirt, food, and drink, the Childrens Medieval Apron is a life saver! This handy cotton apron will save your little ones clothing from anything that might dirty them up at the Faire!