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Our Ancient LARP gear all harkens back to long-ago Rome, Greece, and Persia. LARP Distribution offers wholesale Roman LARP armour, ancient Rome LARP swords, and Roman LARP shields, as well as gladiator LARP gear and select Persian LARP blades and armour pieces. These historical LARP products are very versatile and widely appealing, working well for both history-based and fantasy settings. Our ancient Rome LARP weapons will work in almost any LARP setting, and our Roman and Persian armour and clothing are suited for LARP events, historical reenactment, theatrical productions, and other costuming occasions.

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Ancient LARP Spear

Item # MCI-2884
Age does not hold this spear back at all. The Ancient LARP Spear has the look of a spear from an ancient culture that has been buried by the sands of time. It is crafted from quality latex and durable foam.

Black Roman Cavalry LARP Shield

Item # MCI-3010
Grab your sword and fall into rank with the Black Roman Cavalry LARP Shield. You cannot head into battle without the essentials, so complete your costume with this realistic shield that balances looks with function.

Brown Sandstone LARP Rock

Item # MCI-3071
A popular building material since ancient times, this sandstone rock serves a far more violent use. The Brown Sandstone LARP Rock makes a unique accent and a potential primitive addition to your arsenal.

Epic Dark Bazuband

Item # MCI-3106
If demi-gaunts are not enough and gauntlets are too much, equip yourself with something in between! The Epic Dark Bazuband makes an effective and elegant compromise between freedom of movement and protection.

Imperial Quiver

Item # MCI-3252
Unmatchable skills have earned you renown. The king entrusts you with the task of capturing the great stag that roams the forest. The beast is clever, but with the Imperial Quiver over your shoulder, you are successful in the endeavor.

Jafar Turban

Item # MCI-3359
Your journeys to foreign and exotic lands have brought you both great fortune and immense wisdom, as the experience of learning from other warriors can only benefit you. Wear the Jafar Turban proudly as a sign of your learnings!

Kids Roman Tunic

Item # MCI-2346
Our Childs Roman Tunic works for just about anything. It can be worn alone, under armour, or under a surcoat or doublet. You can dress it up or dress it down. Made from a breathable cotton, you can wear this tunic all day in comfort.

King Tunic & Armour Package

Item # MCI-2701
For LARP, Re-enactments or Ren Fairs, our King Tunic and Armour set is a great start or addition to your wardrobe. This set includes the body armour and the kingly long tunic and cape. This regal ensemble provides a truly distinctive and royal look.

LARP Falcata - 60 cm

Item # MCI-3463
The LARP Falcata is based on a single-edged weapon from ancient Iberia. Its blade widens into a convex swell near the point, creating a weapon ideal for devastating slices, now made safe for LARP using a latex foam construction.

LARP Horsebow

Item # MCI-2439
The LARP Horsebow pulls about 24-26 pounds and is made of fiberglass and covered in suede so it fits it perfectly with period themes. The tips of this bow are made of wood and have a traditional horsebow nock.

LARP Legion Dagger

Item # MCI-2017
Our LARP Legion Dagger is from our Ready for Battle line. This dagger features a classic Greek or Roman design, this is a great looking dagger. With the simple design, it can be used for just about any character or theme.

LARP Long Roman Spatha

Item # MCI-3250
Reveal matchless prowess and loyalty to the Roman Empire as a soldier of the heavy infantry, or earn freedom and renown as a gladiator of the arena. Regardless of the chosen role, the LARP Long Roman Spatha serves well in battle.