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Ancestral LARP weapons, clothing, and armour all have a basis in historical Asian culture. LARP Distribution offers this line of LARP gear from Epic Armoury for wholesale. Many of these oriental LARP weapons present fantasy takes on traditional designs, like our LARP katana, LARP jian swords, LARP kunai, LARP shuriken, and more. We also carry a select amount of oriental LARP armour based on what was once worn by samurai or ninja, as well as reenactment clothing based on the apparel of ancient China and Japan. Made to high standards of quality and unique in their vibe, the Ancestral LARP gear at LARP distribution is sure to appeal to a wide variety of LARPers.
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Aether LARP Katana

The ghostly weapon that is the Aether LARP Katana is a shadowy blade that finds its home in the hands of deadly assassins and vengeful warriors. Ethereal lightning crackles along its dark blade, a grim glimpse of the aether.

Alluvium Dao LARP Sword

Extra-dimensional weapons such as the Alluvium Dao LARP Sword bear scars from the magic that tore them from their home plane on their blade. This magical essence makes them more powerful, and more mysterious, than any blade on Earth.

Alluvium LARP Katana

If you wish to wield a weapon that has been imbued with the power of a lightning storm, look no further than the Alluvium LARP Katana! The long blade of this foam latex weapon appears to crackle with the electric energy of a storm!

Black LARP Shuriken

A silent and deadly weapon is the best weapon for assassins. For those who want to take a page from the legendary ninja, few throwing weapons can match the grace and capability of the lethal looking Black LARP Shuriken.

Dai Katana LARP Sword

Become a fearless samurai of the Edo Period with the Dai Katana LARP Sword in your grasp. Your movements are both swift and graceful as you rid the village of the ruthless bandits that have harassed the peasants for far too long.

Jian LARP Sword

Inspired by the traditional Chinese weapon, the Jian LARP Sword is a remarkable LARP blade that pays tribute to its Eastern origins with a beautifully detailed hilt cast from polyurethane foam, sure to impress any LARP sword wielder.

Jian Long LARP Sword

An elegant foam latex weapon inspired by the traditional Chinese blade that long ago defended the Ancient Empire of China, the Jian Long LARP Sword is a beautiful and trustworthy blade to wield at your next live action roleplay event.

Jian Short LARP Sword

Out of the four major weapons of Chinese martial arts, the straight sword or Jian is considered the gentleman of all weapons. The Jian Short LARP Sword takes inspiration from this ancient blade and proves its worth during battle.

Jin-Baori (Samurai Vest)

The Jin-Baori is an Asian inspired battle overcoat. The Jin-Baori can be worn by men or women. Whether you pair it with a Kimono and Asian style pants or wear it over a dress, it will be the focal point of your outfit.


The Kimono is an Asian inspired shirt with three-forth length sleeves. The sleeves are wide and should come down to about the middle of your forearm. The Kimono is long enough to be tucked into pants, but also can be worn over as well.

LARP Dai Katana

Anxious cries from the village captures the attention of a wandering samurai. Without hesitation, the Japanese warrior unleashes revenge upon the bandits. The LARP Dai Katana handles smoothly in the masterful grasp of the ronin.

LARP Guandoa

An exotic blade for a master of all weapons, the LARP Guandoa is an oriental style polearm that combines the elegance and cutting power of a Dao sword with the reach and leverage of a spear. Gain the advantage with this epic weapon!