LARP warriors will find many unique pieces for their role-play scenario in the wholesale LARP accessories offered by LARP Distribution. LARP ensembles can receive a fantasy twist with the variety of shrunken heads and trophy necklaces featuring parts from beings like elves, dwarves, goblins, and orcs. Alternately, historical LARPers will appreciate more traditional wholesale LARP supplies like Roman camp items, leather diaries, and period locks and handcuffs. Regardless, these wholesale character accessories can help any LARP experience feel complete!


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LARP Distribution has a variety of wholesale leather belts and baldrics in an assortment of medieval, fantasy, and Renaissance designs. Shop here for leather ring belts, leather buckle belts, and broad belts made of real, high quality leather. Our leather belts are essential accessories for any medieval reenactment or LARP look. We offer leather belts in versatile colors, black and brown. Check out everything from leather utility belts and kids leather belts to Roman belts, pirate belts, and even steampunk belts.

LARP Weapon Holders

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Serving as a convenient way of keeping weapons close at hand, many of our wholesale LARP weapon holders hang from the belt for easy access. Here you will find all our wholesale LARP sword frogs, LARP dagger frogs, and LARP axe frogs. These LARP weapon holders come in a number of different designs and colors, such as medieval, Celtic, and fantasy, and many feature details such as fur trim, steampunk gears, and metal studs. This section is also home to our LARP throwing knife holders that can easily attach to belts or limbs with leather lacing. More unique LARP weapon holders offered here include double sword hangers and sword harnesses. Many of our LARP weapon holders are extremely versatile in their style, and many can also be adjusted to fit different widths and styles of weapons, such as our lace-up sword frogs and adjustable buckle-strap sword frogs.

Pouches & Bags

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Perfect for carrying a wide variety of items, our wholesale leather bags and wholesale leather pouches add authenticity to any LARP outfit. At LARP Distribution, we offer many leather belt pouches and suede pouches, as well as leather bottle holders and leather potion bottle pouches. Our leather bags and medieval pouches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they fasten with a mix of buckles, snaps, clasps, or toggles. Our leather potion pouches are great for holding tinctures and magical concoctions that add authenticity to different looks. Many of the glass bottles that come with several of our leather holders and leather bottle harnesses are stoppered with corks to keep their contents secure. Our leather bottle holders and thermos holders are great for keeping beverages securely at your side in fun medieval style. These wholesale leather accessories go well with a range of historical outfits and fantasy ensembles.

Leather Accessories

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LARP Distribution carries a number of leather LARP and reenactment accessories that will appeal to a wide variety of customers. Here you will find medieval leather bracelets and leather journals alongside cutlery sets, telescopes, and compasses that come with their own leather carrying pouches. This category has all sorts of details that any LARPer would want in their pack or accessorizing their look. These wholesale LARP accessories can add the perfect touch to many historical and fantasy ensembles. We offer leather LARP accessories in styles that range from Elven to Viking and everything in between, making them suitable for a variety of characters.

Camping Gear

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At LARP Distribution, we carry a variety of camping gear suited for live action roleplay and historical reenactment. We offer versatile tents that work for LARP and medieval reenactment, and we also carry historical Roman reenactment gear that will add authenticity to many outdoor camping set-ups. Our camping gear is essential for creating an immersive experience in between LARP battles and during reenactment events. Our canvas tents are also great for Renaissance fairs and other outdoor occasions, and our leather and wood folding stools work well for any number of settings.

Game Props

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At LARP Distribution, our wholesale LARP game props are items that add extra detail, authenticity, or fun to live action roleplay experiences. Here you will find everything from unconventional throwing weapons like rocks, mugs, and rolling pins made of latex-foam to LARP props like skeletons and skulls that add unique detail to the environment. Our wholesale game props are great additions to any LARP game, making this category the perfect place to search when looking for something to set your LARP gear or event setting apart.