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LARP Distribution has a variety of wholesale leather belts and baldrics in an assortment of medieval, fantasy, and Renaissance designs. Shop here for leather ring belts, leather buckle belts, and broad belts made of real, high quality leather. Our leather belts are essential accessories for any medieval reenactment or LARP look. We offer leather belts in versatile colors, black and brown. Check out everything from leather utility belts and kids leather belts to Roman belts, pirate belts, and even steampunk belts.

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Arthurian Leather Belt

A knight of the Round Table deserves a sturdy leather belt that is capable of holding up to their rigorous daily training and battles. Strap on the Arthurian Leather Belt and experience the dependability that comes with quality!

Broad Belt

Prepare for the occasional mishap or unfortunate incident guaranteed to occur during a visit to the Neo-Victorian realm. The clever adventurer is never without the right equipment with the Broad Belt to carry steam-powered gadgetry.

Godfrey Leather Belt

A simple, unobtrusive belt can often tie together an outfit with perfect balance. The Godfrey Leather Belt possesses that crucial quality that allows it to bring together an outfit or cosplay without drawing unwanted attention!

Laced Leather LARP Sword Belt

If you wish to enhance the aesthetics of your medieval or fantasy LARP outfit, a distinctive stitched pattern on your leather sword belt will do the job. The Laced Leather LARP Sword Belt is the perfect accessory to add such a flair!

Leather Barbarian Belt

Be ready to wander the wilderness with your tribe by wearing the Leather Barbarian Belt! This double wide leather belt features two straps for twice the amount of space! think of how much stuff you could carry on it at one time!

Leather LARP Sword Belt

As an adventurer, you are accustomed to wandering the countryside, your only possessions being what you can carry comfortably on your back and belt. Rest assured, the Leather Sword Belt is sturdy enough to carry a several full bags.

Leather Ring Belt

This is not a typical Medieval Ring belt, but a buckle belt with rings attached along the length that you can hang or clip your accessories to. This belt is a great accent to any outfit, for any character, in any period.

Leather Twin Belt

Every lad needs a good leather belt. This belt is a great accent to any outfit, for any character, in any period from medieval to renaissance. It is great for hanging your sword frogs, tankard straps, or pouches from.

Leather X Belt

No matter the setting, whether fantasy or historical, or the title your character holds, there is no role that does not benefit from the addition of the Leather X Belt. Attach a pouch or dagger frog to this belt to up your style.

Ready For Battle Belt

You never want to overlook subtle pieces of gear that can help you during conflict like the Ready for Battle Belt. A simple item like this can make or break your fighting style, so be sure to have a quality belt handy.

Ready For Battle Laced Belt

Sometimes, even the simplest of belts can make a stylish and effective addition to any ensemble. This Ready for Battle Laced Belt may not be simple, but it is still a great choice when it comes to costume accessories.

Ready For Battle Squire Belt

If you are looking for an adjustable belt that can go anywhere and do anything, then your search is over once you have found this Ready for Battle Squire Belt. Not only is the wrapped design quite appealing and effective.