About Us

LARP Distribution is the primary wholesale distributor of Epic Armoury products in the USA. Epic Armoury manufacturers a wide range of LARP and re-enactment items. Let LARP Distribution be your one stop shop for Medieval, Renaissance and LARP products. We offer: chainmail, steel and leather body armour, helmets, arm bracers and greaves; Latex swords, daggers, axes, maces, throwing weapons and shields; LARP Archery supplies such as bows, arrows and quivers; Clothing for Men, Women and Children; Leather accessories, sword frogs and holders, belts and pouches.

The Epic Armoury product line would make a great addition to any store or online retailer that has customers who play LARP games, partake in SCA events and attend Renaissance Fair. The products we carry are very high quality and allow for excellent mark up.

We do not sell to the general public. We sell wholesale only. If you are a retailer, please refer to the Become A Dealer page to open an account. If you are a consumer, please refer to our Authorized Retailer page to see where you can buy Epic Armoury products.